At compass crewing ltd. We believe in customising our training programme after doing a thorough “Gap Analysis” by our experienced professional trainer’s Well-trained employees are important to the growth and success of an organisation. A skilled workforce can monitor operations, facilitate fast repairs and easily adapt to line changes. With our training services, we work closely with you to make sure your employees have what it takes to achieve the targets.

Improve reaction time

Increase efficiency

Improve line and format change Enhance safety & reduce loss


These Programmes are tailor-made to ensure that your team are primed to meet the unique threats and challenges your organisation faces. The fusion of our diverse faculty, total flexibility, thought leadership, learning related to content and partnership approach, makes our Customised Programmes, a unique learning experience. Each training programme that we design is different. It is carefully crafted by our experienced faculty to meet your objectives and is designed to transform the thinking and behaviour of participants to accelerate and drive effective change.