About Us


We are a crewing agent and manning agent providing crewing services, manning services and crew to Internatonal vessels. As a crewing agent and manning agent that recruits, screens and supplies crew to owners and managers of vessels and MLC certfed

Our Guarantee
Supplying seafarers to meet specifc qualifcatons and crewing requirements of vessels quickly andat reasonable costs.
Our Vision
Our company supply Indian, Malaysian, European crew seafarers and crew to meet the needs of shipowners.
Years of Experience
Years of fulflling crew requirements has equipped us with not only experience and knowledge but also with vast amounts of informaton gathered from interviewing, training, and handling the documents of seafarers and crew. The second generaton of the family advanced company operatng methods and management. Response tme to ship owners’ needs was shortened through a computer system that matched seafarer to a company and its vessels. Our database contains partculars of about 10,000 seafarers. Using this database, our company has supplied full crews for dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, ferries and yachts. The checking and verifcaton methods we use make certain the seafarers we supply possess the training, skills, and qualifcatons as stated in their certfcates and licenses, and that they meet the STCW’ conventon standards as amended in 1995, as well as the ISM code.
Benefts of our services to ship owners: We are flexible and fast in our decision making; quick to respond to requests; and available to
principals at any tme. Years of providing these services have given us an insight into government departments and agencies, and the experience and contacts to successfully negotate on behalf of principals Recruitment, Screening, Selecton Our computerized system matches seafarers who are available to vessels they previously worked on, and you beneft from re-employing crews familiar with your vessels, your procedures, and your policies. Before a new name can be added to our database, the seafarer’s qualifcatons and experience are verifed and cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organizatons to ensure they are true. Additonally, the seafarer’s professional attude and behaviour is assessed through our personal interviews. Pre-Employment Medical Clearances Seafarers must have a medical clearance from medical centres. Tests can be added, including: drug and alcohol, aids, hepatts antgen, kidney and bladder ultrasound, and others a company requires, as well as vaccinatons for seafarers on vessels trading in specifc areas.
Documents, Training, Certfcates
Our stringent procedures avoid the risk of inappropriate or inadequate crew documents delaying your vessels in ports.
a. Documents and certfcates of the seafarer are valid for the term of the contract.
b. Training and certfcates comply with IMO, ILO, and STCW conventon as amended, and ISM code; and that the training and certfcates are proper for the crew positons and type of vessels for which the seafarers have been hired.
c. Seafarers are oriented on the policies and procedures of the company, and the safety management system on the vessels.
We can do the following
Our marine’s reservatons department arranges airline tckets for departng and returning crews. Tickets issued at Odessa or Kiev have flexibility for departures, but owners may issue Pre-paid Ticket Advise (PTA).
Performance Monitoring
As part of our service, we ask the Master of a vessel to send to us regular reports on each seafarer we provide. Evaluaton is on performance, competence and behaviour. Reports, which should be sent each quarter, aid us in assessing each seafarer and selectng your crew company requires.
Further Details
Once our company and the principal have reached an understanding, a Manning Agreement, available on request, copy enclosed must be executed by the principal, signed by the company’s managing director or authorized representatve.
Upon Completon of the Agreement
The Company should send to us on its company leterhead a leter addressed to us appointng our company as its authorized manning agent in chosen locatons:
a. Full vessel partculars
b. Crew Order
c. Port agents where crew is to be dispatched to
If You need qualifed /experienced different natonal ofcers/engineers / ratng


DP vessel, DSV, JATA

Gas tanker

Drill ship

Tanker oil chemical

Crude tanker



Services we provide
Commited in providing a client-driven customised service, we have established a stringent recruitment procedure with mult-layered interviews and risk assessment for the recruitment of human capital. Armed with highly experienced and professional recruitment team, every aspect of the selecton process exceeds the industry norms and conditons set up in STCW, MLC, TMSA and ISM Code. Our Ofcers and Crew are handpicked with highest level of commitment and quality consciousness and they maintain a consistent state of awareness and professionalism. With an objectve of “Right Person for Right Ship at the Right tme”, our one stop crew management service includes recruitment, vetng, forward planning, deployment, payroll management, union relatonships & negotaton, budgetng & variance analyses, pre-joining documentaton & verifcaton, P&I claims, on-board performance appraisals, processing of flag states documents and crew repatriaton arrangement.

With our representaton in London UK, we are well equipped to fulfl the needs of the owners in providing highly competent and certfed Indian crew. Our crew can manage fleet include dedicated Ethylene/LNG tankers, IMO I/II/III Parcel Chemical tankers, fully refrigerated Gas tankers, Oil/Chemical tankers, etc.

We offer customised Ship Management service designed to suit the specifc requirements of our clients. The service covers entre process of ship management including plan approvals, new building supervision, procurement, surveys and technical management. It is our policy and commitment to operate all vessels in the safest and most efcient manner while meetng the requirements of the owners, Internatonal and Natonal regulatons, Flag States, Classifcaton Societes and Charterers.
Our stringent Vessel Performance Monitoring system include
Vessel conditon assessment
Voyage performance monitoring
Planned and projected maintenance Schedule
Dry dock planning and superintendence
Atendance to Surveys, Inspectons, Audits, Certfcaton and Vetng
Safe and efcient cargo handling operaton
Resource Management and Cost Optmisaton
Loss preventon & Budget Compliance

At compass crewing ltd we take our responsibility to our owners, customers, staff and the society very seriously. To ensure that we are always meetng our own high standards, we follow a clear strategy based upon our quality management and environmental performance systems. We believe in contnuous improvement of our quality standards through our independent internal auditng system.

Managing Director: Kevin Bvumbe Tel: +447863620375 kevin@compasscrewing.com
Vice Managing Director Krishan Bist Tel: +919967716460 krishan@compasscrewing.com