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We offer customised Ship Management service designed to suit the specific requirements of our clients. The service covers entire process of ship management including plan approvals, new building supervision, procurement, surveys and technical management.


Committed in providing a client-driven customised service, we have established a stringent recruitment procedure with multi-layered interviews and risk assessment for the recruitment of human capital. Armed with highly experienced and professional recruitment team.


Most modern merchant ships can be placed in one of a few categories, such as: Bulk carriers are cargo ships used to transport bulk cargo items such as ore or food staples (rice, grain, etc.) and similar cargo. A bulk carrier can be recognized by the large box-like hatches on its deck,


COMPASS CREWING LTD UK . is a dynamic and multi-faceted organization equipped to provide Quality Shipping and vessel management services with cost effective solutions. With transparency, commitment and perfection as core values, compass crewing ltd. strives to exceed the aspirations of its customers each time, every time. Our management believes to be accountable and cost effective to our customers in all areas of business while maintaining the highest standards of deliverance.


Put simply, we provide both crew and officers of the highest calibre sourced from Northern Europe, Croatia, Poland and the Philippines to some of the most prestigious vessel operators across the globe. All of our seafarers are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients, supporting and encouraging a safe and efficient ship operation.

About Us
PG SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE. LTD. is an in-house ship management company with registration in Singapore, in order to meet the owner’s high standard & quality requirement on its specific gas carrier fleet.

Our service including fully refrigerated/ Semi Refrigerated/Ethylene/LNG for the international gas industry, as well as other enquires from 3rd party clients.

Since inception it has had an objective to provide quality-oriented, reliable, efficient, honest and sincere services at competitive expenses in order to work on long term association to the satisfaction of our valued clients and to be of value to the Shipping Industry.